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Two definitions of  new media

  • New Media is a relatively new field that includes all forms of computer-enhanced communication. ...
  • New media is a term describing media that can only be created or used with the aid of computer processing power. It is a form of media that includes some aspect of interactivity for its audience and is usually in digital form. media
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    Google Wave could threaten Facebook, Twitter


    Google Inc. today released a preview of its upcoming Google Wave collaboration and communication tool to about 100,000 users and developers.

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    What makes Twitter worth a billion dollars?


    San Francisco-based Twitter has achieved the Silicon Valley dream, going from an obscure start-up to global sensation. Everyone from Barack Obama to MC Hammer is Twittering, sending out messages of 140 characters or fewer to friends and followers.

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    UK Internet ad spend overtakes TV for first time


    "This is a significant milestone, this is the first major market where online has overtaken television to become the biggest single medium."

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    Online Advertising is Having a Big Year


    Things are looking great for the online advertising industry. Several recent reports share data that is quite optimistic for the industry as a whole.

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    Mobile Web Usage Up 34%


    Web visitors using a mobile device increased 34 percent year-over-year, from 42.5 million visitors in July 2008 to 56.9 million in July 2009, according to a new report from Nielsen.

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    Media Outlook 2010: Crawling From the Wreckage


    Broadcast TV would be down. Cable: the only medium that didn’t get kicked in the teeth,  Digital Media: Users are still shifting time to digital platforms. The search business is still relatively strong. Video, mobile is a bright spot. However, “display has gotten hammered a bit.” Analysts are cautiously optimistic. Print: is looking, well, less bad

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    Microsoft Wants to Help Marketers Manage Messy Social Media


    Microsoft's new platform Looking Glass will pull in a variety of feeds from platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Flickr and work with third-party data sources as well


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    Acquisitions are back on: Google CEO


    US Internet giant Google is ready to begin buying up other companies again as the world economy begins to recover.

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    Obvious: People Dont Want to Pay for Online News


    Only five percent of regular news site users would pay if their favorite haunt started charging, and that readers would prefer to subscribe annually."

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    Online ad spending to grow to 15%


    Online advertising is expected to account for 15% of global ad spending in 2010, up from 13% this year


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