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Online ad spending to grow to 15%


2010 to see increase from 13%

In another sign that marketers are devoting more of their ad dollars to the Internet, online advertising is expected to account for 15% of global ad spending in 2010, up from 13% this year, according to media buying agency GroupM.

In a new study covering 36 countries, the firm says it expects nearly $65 billion to be spent globally in online ads next year. Online ads made up 3.1% of global ad buys in 2001.

In the U.S., digital ads will grab 17% of total spending next year, or $24.5 billion, compared to 15.4% this year and 13.9% in 2008.

Many of those dollars will come in the form of search, video and mobile ads, while display ads will decline as supply has run ahead of demand. Display ads will account for 34% of online marketing buys in 2010, while search will rep 43%.

"Today, search remains a key driver of digital marketing as advertisers compete to capture a disproportionate share that search behavior represents," said Rob Norman, CEO of GroupM Interaction.

Spending on mobile ads will reach 6%, or $3.3 billion, up from $2.4 billion in 2008.






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