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Time Warner May Spin AOL, Buy Video Games


Time Warner on Monday took its first serious step toward leaving its AOL baggage behind -- eight years after the fateful merger that shook the conglom to its core.

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AOL Starts Site For Parents Who Aint Got Game (Knowledge)


A complement to the Web portal's game-focused properties, the new site offers parents a guide to games, from ratings and reviews to connecting with other parents about making informed buying decisions.


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AOL launches two new sites in ad-friendly niches


After letting them gestate in beta for a while, AOL has formally launched two new "lifestyle" sites: entertainment blog PopEater and quirky women's lifestyle title Lemondrop. They're the latest in a series of original blogs that AOL has rolled out, from men's site Asylum to Web meme blog Urlesque, adding to the titles it absorbed when it acquired the Weblogs Inc. network.

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