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An Amazon Kindle “Plus Size” Newspaper e-Reader Due Next Week?


Online giant Amazon has bigger plans for the Kindle. If the e-Book reader is going to change publishing forever, first thing it’s got to do is change itself… or just keep changing until publishing gets the drift and changes with you. The word is that it’s going to be a bigger screen Kindle. It’s a Kindle for other reading materials besides books: newspapers, magazines and even text books. Hopefully it may even be able to display architectural blueprints and original computer artwork. You get the idea. Big news organizations and the more important tech blogs have gotten invites for next week’s Amazon press event.


Amazon’s intentions seems to be to move quickly before Hearst and Plastic Logic can make its own announcement on the same technology: the digital newspaper. Hearst has its own partnerships to combat Amazon, which has already partnered with publishing bigwigs like the New York Times. This is a fairly logical move to both big players since the world is running out of trees. I just hope the Amazon are Hearst-Plastic Logic electronic newspaper reader are going to be OLED.



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