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Publisher aims to head off Facebook charges


Insists no plagiarizing by Mezrich

Hub author Ben Mezrich’s publisher Doubleday called Aaron Greenspan’s allegations of plagiarism “mystifying” yesterday, but the young California computer company executive didn’t back down from his claim that parts of a new book about Facebook’s founding are borrowed from his own.

“Doubleday has not contacted me to offer any proof that Mr. Mezrich relied on any source but my book, and the claims they are making that aren’t blatantly false are difficult for me to believe,” Greenspan said.

He claimed in a letter to the publisher made public this week that parts of Mezrich’s recently released best-seller “The Accidental Billionaires” were similar to Greenspan’s June 2008 self-published book “Authoritas.”

Greenspan said he found “numerous similarities in word choice, event sequencing and writing style” between his book and Mezrich’s tale.

In defending Mezrich, who reportedly received a $1.5 million advance for the book and sold the movie rights before it was even published, Doubleday said Mezrich’s account of a meeting with then-Harvard President Larry Summers was based on “impeccable sources.”

“Mr. Greenspan’s list of alleged similarities in his text aren’t even that similar,” said the Doubleday statement. “But the main point is Ben was describing a completely different event, based on sources who were present.”

Greenspan contends that the meeting, as described by Mezrich, was based on an account in “Authoritas,” which Mezrich cites at the end of his book as a secondary source, along with about two dozen other books and articles.



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