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Google Sets Up Mobile Election Web Site


With 10 weeks to go before the election, the amount of news coverage surrounding John McCain and Barack Obama is set to skyrocket (as if it hadn't already). In order to help you parse through all the chatter, Google (NSDQ: GOOG) has set up a special Web site where mobile phone users can find the latest headlines.

Google appears to be throwing everything it has at the upcoming presidential election. It is using multiple avenues and products to provide coverage. Google believes that plenty of people will be interested in accessing news from their mobile phones. So it set up a "one-stop-shop" for mobile phone users to get what they need.

The site is located at

The products that it is tailoring to election coverage are mobile Search, News, Reader, YouTube, and Maps.

In its search product, Google will let you "link to search results for Obama and McCain, so you don't have to type in their names on your phone each time you want information."

The Mobile News Web site has set up a special link that will go to a site that only houses news that is relevant to the election.

Google Reader already has set up specific places for the general public to see what Obama and McCain are reading. If you use Google Reader, you can subscribe to the candidates' reading lists here.

On YouTube, both McCain and Obama have their own channels. These channels will be used to hold their speeches, press conferences, and other public statements. Users will be able to watch the videos on their mobile phones.

Lastly, Google is suggesting that attendees of the Democratic National Convention in Denver and the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis take advantage of Google Maps for mobile to help get around town.

There you have it. If you're a political news junkie, Google's various mobile products will help you get your fix.




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