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YouTube vs. Hulu


By choosing this route, YouTube must go head-to-head against the Web's reigning king of streaming long-form video: Hulu.

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Hulu Is Off to a Strong Star/ Hulu cleans its room / Hulu Sweats the Details


Nearly a year ago, NBC Universal and News Corp. (NWS) launched a video site called Hulu. The Web cognoscenti scoffed at two Old Media dinosaurs taking on YouTube. But the derision has abated of late.

Hulu announced Tuesday that it now has more than 900 series and movie titles in its library from over 100 content providers. So in conjunction, the video hub--started as a joint venture between NBC Universal and News Corp.--has done some cleanup work.

Jason Kilar, CEO of online video site Hulu, would like the world to know how much he cares about street sweepers.

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Hulu starts streaming full-length TV episodes in HD


Just seven so far, including episodes from "The Office," "24," "Heroes," and "30 Rock," but hopefully more are on the way—and yes, they look great.

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