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CBS Strikes Back at Hulu


Is this the start of a Web video war?

A day after news broke that Hulu had pulled its video content from CBS Corp.’s because of “contractual” issues, CBS fought back with a statement declaring its own rights.

“CBS Interactive is well within its rights to stream Hulu video content on under its agreement with Hulu. We are evaluating our next steps at this time,” read a statement released by the company.

A Hulu statement from Wednesday said that the video site, a partnership of NBC Universal and News Corp., which owns the Wall Street Journal, was “exercising” the rights within the contract. Hulu did not offer additional comment Thursday.

The distribution agreement between Hulu and was made prior to CBS Corp.’s purchase last year of’s parent company, CNET. CBS relaunched in January.

Neither side would comment on whether there was still a possibility of Hulu videos appearing on



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