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Microsoft launches food-related website Delish


As announced back in July, Hearst Magazines and MSN teamed up and have now launched a food-related website dubbed Delish. (also available at is owned, built, and edited by Hearst Magazines Digital Media, while MSN is responsible for all the advertising sales and primary distribution of the site's content through the MSN network and related editorial programming. In addition, the deal between the duo has the MSN sales team selling targeted inventory in the food category on,,, and

MSN and Hearst are expecting that Delish will "immediately" hurdle to the top 10 food-related destinations online. Chuck Cordray, vice president and general manager of Hearst Magazines Digital Media, said: "Together with MSN, we developed to go way beyond a typical recipe site. We are confident that consumers will come to us for both information and entertainment." The confidence and dedication appear to be there, the site is up and kicking, and now the users will either flock or move on. The waiting game has begun. currently offers thousands of recipes, how-to articles, photo galleries, videos, interactive tools, and tries to combine these with content that focuses on entertainment and pop culture as it relates to food. The site even has RSS feeds ("Recipes & Menus" has my attention; when it comes to cooking, I need all the help I can get) and features fan blogs on the most popular food television shows. Ads dominate the site quite forcefully, but they don't seem to be as intrusive, and often are related to the content being shown. Overall, it's a solid launch, but I think I'll leave it to culinary fans to tell me whether Delish will make it.