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The Sun makes web job listings free to fight recession


The Sun has waived the charge for companies to list jobs on its website in a self-styled crusade to solve the UK's growing unemployment problem.


The move follows the publication of figures this week showing unemployment has hit a 14-year high with 2.44m people out of work.


In a call for 'Sunemployment', The Sun's website also allows job hunters to fill out their details online at no cost to attract employers.

The Sun plans to invite a number of executives and entrepreneurs to give tips to those looking for work.


Sir Stuart Rose, chairman of Marks & Spencer, said: "This is a fantastic campaign from The Sun and exactly what we need.

"If everybody pulls together and pushes against the rot we can get through this."

The Sun estimates that there are about 470,000 job vacancies in the UK, with 27,000 openings in London alone.

The newspaper reports that McDonald's has 2,300 positions to fill, while Morrisons has 1,100 vacancies and M&S has 200 or more.

Rose said: "We are going through tough times. But people need to keep determined, and stand up when they are knocked down.

"If that dream job isn't available get experience in something else. Do something rather than do nothing."



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