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CBS Offers Video Clips Internationally


For the first time, clips from classic hit shows such as Beverly Hills, 90210, Melrose Place, MacGyver and Love Boat are now available to web users around the world on CBS Interactive's


Other series accessible on now include Star Trek, as well as CBS News' programs like 60 Minutes and 48 Hours. The clips will also appear on and 


"There is a huge opportunity outside the U.S. to supply premium video content to our international users, who until now had no access to video clips from the U.S. online," said Anthony Soohoo, the senior VP of entertainment and lifestyle for CBS Interactive. " is innovating in terms of how we deliver video content to our international users, and the addition of CBS content is just the start—we're excited to make much more premium content available to this audience in the near future."


In the U.S., is positioning itself as a major contender to the NBC Universal and News Corporation JV, has ramped up its offerings as of late, lining up content deals with the likes of MGM, Sony, Endemol and PBS.




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