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Yahoos plan: create community from isolated sites


In the next several months Yahoo will begin rolling out new versions of its most popular products, from Yahoo Mail to the Yahoo home page. A thread of social media features, including a common user profile, list of friends and regular updates about friends, will tie the family of Yahoo properties together.

When an individual recommends a news story from the Yahoo homepage, uploads a photograph on Flickr or makes a trade on a fantasy baseball team from Yahoo sports, Yahoo will send an alert to a network of friends or contacts...

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Yahoo Reverses Its Web Strategy With Web Videos


Now the Yahoo producers are doing the reverse, finding their biggest audiences and then building short Web shows for those groups of people. Instead of producing TV, Yahoo now recaps TV in a daily show called “Primetime in No Time.” Yahoo says the two- to five-minute-long show has an average of 400,000 daily streams, making it one of the most popular recurring series made for the Web.

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Yahoo CEO interested in social networks, search


Yahoo Inc Chief Executive Carol Bartz said social network sites are a key area of interest for the Internet media company, even as it tries to figure out how to boost its Web search business.

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Yahoos Shakeup Is Underway, CFO Out


Carol Bartz announces management restructuring after Yahoo discloses in an SEC filing that its chief financial officer, Blake Jorgensen, will resign

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Yahoos Rich Media Search Ads Seen Providing Needed Boost


Yahoo Inc.'s (YHOO) new rich media search ads could give the struggling Internet giant a much-needed boost in its bruising battle with rival Google Inc. (GOOG), advertising industry executives said.

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Microsofts Ballmer Done With Talks to Buy Yahoo


Microsoft Corp. Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer said all acquisition talks with Yahoo! Inc. are  done even after Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang announced plans to step down

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Fireworks not likely at Yahoo meeting


Yahoo's shareholders meeting — which once looked as if it would be a proxy showdown — is shaping up as a non-event.

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